The Gothic interior.
Gothic - the next stage in the development of medieval art, second pan-European style. The term "Gothic" coined by Italian humanists to denote everything that is not related to classic,…

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The most ancient structures
Ancient civilizations that existed on earth tens of thousands of years ago have disappeared long ago. But they left behind numerous facts stay that is now admired by grateful descendants.…

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Amiens Cathedral at sunset of civilization
The Cathedral, whose construction began in the XIII century, rises above the city like a giant still a great testimony of Christian civilization and of tremendously hard work invested by…

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Golden Prague – heart of Europe

On both sides of the river Vltava is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Zlata Praha is practically not affected during the war, so the colorful buildings of the city and still delight the citizens and guests of the city architectural ensembles.

In X century the city officially recognized as the capital of the Czech state. Today Prague is the heart of Europe. Year after year tourists around the world come to the Czech capital to enjoy its many attractions, the wealth of nature and just relax in this romantic and welcoming city.

The unique architecture of the city combines Gothic buildings in the Rococo style, Baroque and Renaissance. Cubic structures and modern buildings in the art Nouveau style give Prague a unique flavor, which with one look you can visit the city for any of the pictures. Continue reading

Yonaguni – the shard of Lemuria?

Many people think that all the most important archaeological finds in our world was done long ago. However, sensation in the field of archaeology still happen. One such sensation was the discovery of ancient cyclopean structures on the seabed near the tiny island of Yonaguni, located near the Japanese island of Okinawa. Talk about these buildings in which the researchers sometimes see fragments of legendary Lemuria, have been raging for at least a decade and a half.

An unexpected discovery

A pioneer of underwater megaliths in 1985 became a Japanese diver, Kihachiro Aratake strayed beyond the standard safety perimeter near the southern coast of Okinawa. The diver slipped on the unknown clear blue waters of the ocean at a depth of 10-15 meters and suddenly came upon a huge stone structure of monolithic blocks. It was black and gloomy, and its design looked rather strange, maybe it was because of the fact that over many years spent underwater, the building was overgrown with corals, algae and shells. Circled around the strange buildings, the diver rose to the surface and finally being able to determine the right direction, swam to the shore. Continue reading


There is no doubt that the Egyptian pyramids is the most famous. But they are not the most ancient structures of pyramidal form. In the U.S. state of Wisconsin there is a pyramid, whose age, presumably, 12 thousand years. It turns out that it was built during the last ice age. And made it a very highly developed civilization….

Rock lake is located 20 miles East of Madison (Wisconsin). Its length is eight and the width is about four kilometers. In 1836, American Explorer Nathaniel, hair accidentally discovered in the lake a small stone pyramid with a flat top. He called his discovery Atzalyno and suggested that the discovery not less than a thousand years.

His discovery of Heyer not attach particular importance on the American continent many of the pyramids, “the cult of the hills” and burial mounds. But in 1862, the press began to be published, which said that the pyramid lake Rock is one of the most ancient pyramids.

It was argued that the pyramid is on the bottom of the lake which was formed many years ago, and, therefore, the construction should be over all Indian tribes. Continue reading

Castle Lech
Among the sights of Sweden old Lech castle is notable for its age and fantastic architecture. Built in 1298 by Bishop Brynolf Algotsson, it often changed owners (including the Royal…


Underground pyramids of Sevastopol
A few years ago, the candidate of technical Sciences, a former submariner Vitaly Goh said that he had discovered a unique underground structures with a height of about 50 meters.…