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Dungeons Of Egypt

The purposes for which they were built under the pyramids?

From school course of history we know that the Great Sphinx was built in the year 2600 BC. In 1991, Egyptologist John West expressed the theory that the Egyptian monument erected several centuries earlier. However, it is believed that in those times there were people who knew no other tools except stone axes. And the Sphinx was built by great craftsmen. Who are they?


Conclusions Mota was based on the study of grooves and recesses which carved the figure of the Great Sphinx. The traces of the heavy rains that poured onto the monument after it was already in place. So, the Sphinx could not be cut in the year 2600 BC: during this period, and until the present day in Egypt, there was intense heat and heavy rainfall was not. According to the calculations of John West, the Great Sphinx was built around the year 8000 BC. But who in this case built it?

Historian Anatoly Chernyaev in his writings “the Great Sphinx: the sign of misfortune” wrote that giant monument carved over ancient race who lived many centuries before the advent of the first dynasty pharaohs. It is not excluded that the statue was erected 12000-13000 thousand years ago the inhabitants of the legendary Atlantis.

A real discovery in the study of the Egyptian monument was the study of the historian Graham Hancock. Issleduya of complexvitamin in Giza, a scientist set: pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and menkaure show the stars of Orion’s belt as 11000 BC. This means that the pyramids and Sphinx guarding them are part of an ancient astronomical plan of the starry sky.

However, the academics that support the official date of the erection of the Sphinx, Hancock accused of that in his work he tried to stick the date specified by the American prophet Edgar Cayce. The clairvoyant said about 11,000 BC, it was a huge underground vault, which houses a library which contains the wisdom of Atlantis.

In the early 90-ies of XX century geologists studying the Sphinx, really found right under his paws narrow corridor, ending with a little door. However, to explore pass failed: the banned Egyptian authorities. Maybe it’s there that the heritage of ancient civilizations, you can reach that only by unraveling the mystery of the great Sphinx?


Speaking of underground storage. It is known that the pharaohs were additionally built on top of some pyramids and mastabas (mastaba is of a trapezoidal construction) over more high-tech ancient buildings of large blocks carefully proterty. Thus,ancient structures very like underground bunkers with powerful beams capable of withstanding an explosion.

For example, mastaba No. 17 in the Egyptian city of Medum built above the bunker with five or six layers powerful limestone blocks as floors. The mastaba is made of gravel and mud bricks. Scientists believe the Egyptians knew about the existence of ancient underground bunker as the walls of mastaba repeat its perimeter. But between the upper and lower structures is a layer of gravel is so dense that it must have taken many thousands of years between the creation of the bunker and construction of mastaba. Who built the underground bunker?

In the ancient legends and traditions have been preserved mention of the so-called war of the gods, which used a very powerful weapon, causing something like a modern nuclear explosions. What if it were not gods at all but some other, very advanced civilization? And the bunkers served its intended purpose – the protection of combatants.

This version is confirmed by the fact that during many of the Egyptian expeditions, the researchers were able to find plenty of unusual artifacts indicating the presence long before the pharaohs of representatives of very highly developed technical civilization. This is evidenced: for example, traces of machine tools, which the Egyptians simply could not be, metallic objects, similar to the remains of weapons.


According to another version, long before the Egyptians, the land of the pyramids was populated by aliens from other planets. This explains where on the walls of some temples (e.g. the temple of Horus in Edfu) have any image. UFO.

And on the roof of the temple of Hathor at Dendera, for example, a smooth platform of massive blocks (weighing tens of tons), laid in several rows. Use this site as a simple overlap made no sense. But for the landing of helicopters at the time. Perhaps, in ancient times, landed on its aircraft, the representatives of alien civilizations.

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