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Great building

About Sagrada Name or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is written very much. This “must see” is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world. The oldest unfinished modernity admire and are touched by his praise and worship of almost all who visited here. Anyway, to go to Barcelona and not visit this temple is considered to be terrible bad manners.

But there is another opinion. In 2008, 400 of the famous artists of Spain called upon to stop this inept restoration in favor of “tourism industry” and no longer have anything in common with the original plans of the great architect Antoni Gaudi.

During our recent family trip to Barcelona I left a visit to this temple to dessert on the last day of my stay here. At the risk of being banal, I’ll try and write your “two cents” on that memorable tour. What we will try to understand what is actually Sagrada Familia is a man – made wonder of the world or another, albeit grandiose, tourist attraction.

Ordinary parishioners in the Church of the Holy Family to get not just. The hype around the temple for almost suggestit terrible. Huge queues, fences, and a lot of protection and expensive tickets is an everyday routine Sagrada Name.

Many visitors, otusanya such difficulties, do not even dare to go inside, preferring to see it only from outside. However, to comprehend the magnitude and greatness of the temple thus not just. Scaffolding still covers the major part of this gigantic structure. A lot where only the bare stumps with concrete reinforcement.

Scaffolds and tall construction cranes closed most part of the temple. The panoramic views of Barcelona Sagrada Name is easy to find not only the characteristic towers, and giant construction cranes.

The end of construction is still not visible. Guilt is such slow work called sources of funding. Because the temple allegedly built only on donations of parishioners. And here you can see the slyness. Once, of course, it was. But now we Sagrado Name can easily be a huge source of cash flow through local offices every day.

Just a walk inside the temple you will have to pay nearly 15 Euros. Well, if you have the desire to climb to the observation deck a hundred-meter towers and take the audio guide, you will have to pay already 25 Euro. To call these charges donations difficult. Therefore, this construction of the century has long been a major financial company.

I think very differently imagined his creation of the legendary Gaudi. By the way, work on the project throughout his life, he began at once. Had already been approved pran initial construction of the temple of a certain Francisco Del Villar in a neo-Gothic style, a site was selected and work started on the Foundation when the project has attracted still little-known, young and ambitious architect.

Gaudí gave 40 years of his life Sagrade Name. He created the drawings and the examples of the grandiose and daring structure century, which is now trying to finish our contemporaries. Through his life, the ingenious architect managed to build, and then not until the end of only one of the three facades of the Church with four of the 12 100-meter towers.

Nowadays visitors can compare this iconic facade of the Nativity with built much later than the Passion façade. The third facade is the Glory still conceal scaffolding. But from what you can see, a very contradictory image.

The facade of Gaudi can be called a true hymn to nature and mankind. Here are closely intertwined neo-Gothic and modernism. You can spend hours to consider the original sculptures on biblical themes and to see all the new items in the form of lizards or snails. The passion facade is the complete opposite of this creation.

There are a lot of strict lines, the mystical sets of numbers and strange images in postmodernism style. Locals this facade derisively called “Star Wars”.

Looking at this a free interpretation of the ideas of Gaudi is not difficult to understand the dissatisfaction of this landmark building true connoisseurs of the creativity of Gaudi. But even the biggest skeptics still need to go inside Sagrada Name. I was blown away seen there.

The builders of the temple to my untrained eye was able to create a true masterpiece of architecture. Based on the ideas and sketches of Gaudi, they built a real castle in which a man, lifting his head up, and he begins to feel his feet. He just floats in this realm of light, air and space.

Having been here, I threw away all my skepticism. It does not matter who and how it is built. It is important that we managed to create something Grand for the Glory of God and Man. Unfortunately, in my experience, I once again made sure that no photos or videos will not be able to convey what he sees and feels here man himself.

So even the most inveterate skeptics and misers should visit Sagrada Name, so as to experience the grandeur and divinity of this creation of human thought and hands.

The Sagrada Familia is still not felt that a religious background, inherent in many cathedrals and churches. Apparently, this place cannot yet be called a truly spiritual or in other words “sacred”. Therefore, it is clear that many see here in the first place a tourist attraction. But I felt there is something more.

Sagrada Familia is a true anthem of engineering and innovative technical thinking. It is worth to go to the lower floor in this temple. Here a curious mind can find lots of answers how managed to create this creation.

What methods and techniques were used by project planners and builders. How did you manage to recreate many of the drawings and the ideas of gaudí. After all, during the Civil war in Spain, part of all of the layout and papers great architect was irretrievably destroyed. Hard to believe that in those troubled times, many wanted to blow up the temple itself.

Antonio Gaudi was the first one buried inside the Church of the Holy Family. And, apparently, this is very true that the soul of the main architectural revolutionary of his time found peace here, in his most important creation of all life.

And just fifteen years later, according to the builders, everyone had been in Sagrada of Names is coming back here again and already then completely rebuilt the temple to re-evaluate all its advantages and disadvantages. Disputes about the temple long gone, but I want to believe that this is the main highlight of Barcelona is going through all these disputes and doubts.

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