Underground and underwater civilizations
Legends about the underworld and changing perceptions of it over time In the legends of different Nations are widely circulated story about the going underground lived on it of intelligent…

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9 the most ancient fortresses of the world
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Underground and underwater civilizations

Legends about the underworld and changing perceptions of it over time

In the legends of different Nations are widely circulated story about the going underground lived on it of intelligent beings. This applies to the Nagas. Uralov, vievija and all the other amphibious serpent people; the rakshasas. hecatoncheires. of fomorians and other many-armed and shapeless creatures; Chud. apprentices, dwarfs and other dwarfs ; ādityas, the daityas, the danavas. The tribe of the goddess Danu /elves and other humanoid creatures. They descended into the ground during disasters, which often coincided with the defeat of their nation in the war and ended with the destruction of the old world. A variant of this story is a care of many of these creatures at sea, at sea and in the depths of the sea ( read on.

Mysterious caves of Tibet, the Gobi desert and the Indian subcontinent

Helena Blavatsky in “Letters from the caves and wilds of the Indian subcontinent” told about his visit in 1879, the ruins of two ancient cities of Jajmau and Ashanti, located 7 km from the city of Kanpur (North India) at rocky right Bank of the river Ganges: “In a dark and dense forest almost ruins are wonderful…. The huge remains of several ancient cities built one on the ruins of another… the Ruins extend for miles… Jajmau stand still native Sestri rival its Ashanty — sun city. Ashirta, according to the ancient Chronicles in the Puranas, built by the sons of the sun two centuries later, by the capture of king Rama island of Lanka, that is 5000 years BC according to the chronology of the Brahmins ” ( read further. )

Underground labyrinths of South America

If the existence of underground Agharti countries. Shamballa and dwellings under vievija of the Ural and Caucasus mountains, based primarily on folklore data, other underground labyrinths were visited by different researchers. These include complexes of natural and artificial voids in Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile, on the Easter Islands, in Antarctica and many other places. Conquered land of the Incas in the 30-ies of the XVI century the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro in his report to the Spanish king reported that he found the entrances into the underground tunnels, located on Huascaran (Peru) ( read more. )

Dungeons of the Islands of Oceania, the links between America and Asia?

Many caves and underground passages artificial origin is on Easter island. located almost in the middle of the Pacific ocean. And this despite the fact that the size of the island is only slightly higher than 20 km in diameter.

Caves and underground passages highly branched and located at several levels. The input and research they are officially banned, as in the dungeons of the island often disappeared people. According to local resident Martin Rodriguez, ” the biggest people made their way somewhere on the fifth level of the catacombs. But who has penetrated even lower, then those do not find ” ( read further. )

Under-ice and underground cavities of Antarctica — fairy tale, like a fable, or truth, similar to fiction?

One of the most mysterious and least explored areas of Earth’s Antarctica. In recent years they have discovered numerous subglacial lakes with warm waters, interconnected system of tunnels. According to information from a variety of sources, these tunnels are quite numerous, are continuing at a depth of 3-4 km under the ground*** and it can even get into other areas of the globe ( read on. )

Underground cavities in the Arctic. The expedition of Admiral Byrd to the Arctic in 1947.

The German authorities adhered to the theory that the Earth is hollow and inhabited within. and in Antarctica and the Arctic are the entrances to huge underground cavity with warm air. According to published in 1959 and 1969 books Amadeo Giannini “Worlds under the poles” and Raymond Bernard’s “Hollow earth” article by ray Palmer magazine “Flying Saucers” for 1959 and numerous other publications bird was seen in 1947, the entrances to the underworld not only in Antarctica but in the Arctic. During the flight over the North pole, he allegedly saw a strange spot on the ice. And then it seemed to him that he sees a Mirage: instead of white ice desert under the plane stretched forests, rivers, meadows with grazing animals similar to mammoths ( read on. )

Diary of Admiral Richard Byrd

I write this diary in secrecy and not fully understanding everything. It belongs to my Arctic flight of February 19, 1947. There comes a time when the inevitability of the truth eclipses rationality. I’m not at liberty to disclose the following documentation at the time of writing… maybe it will never open to the public, but it is my duty to record here all that this was a one day read ( read further. )

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