The megaliths of Europe and Asia
There are assumptions about the relationship of the builders of the megaliths of Europe with native chromosomal DNA of the R1b group. the campaniform culture cups and paleosurface. are reviewed…

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Amazing country
Poland is an amazing country . in which you can admire the beautiful medieval architecture, relax on the sea, to sojourn in the picturesque lake, or just walk in numerous…

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The crater of Lonar - evidence of nuclear war in Ancient India
We offer to your attention the article by P. Oleksenko is devoted to the topical theme that recently often heard on TV – the possibility of using nuclear weapons in…

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The Cathedral of St. Barbara is an unusual Gothic monument of culture

The Cathedral of St. Barbara is the most famous monument of kutná Hora. Is the second largest and largest Gothic Church in the Czech Republic, built in the late Gothic style. The Church building belongs to the most unusual Gothic structures of this type in Central Europe and is under UNESCO protection.

The Cathedral was built in honor of the patron Saint of miners and miners St. Barbara, its construction began in 1388. The work was repeatedly interrupted, the erection of the temple was completed after about 500 years, to 1905. In late Gothic times was created the bulk of the interior of the Church. The building is a huge system supporting pillars, capitals, arches and galleries. The building completes the three-headed roof. The temple is beautiful both outside and inside, its rich interior is striking for its beauty and splendor.

The Cathedral has a large organ. Thanks to the excellent acoustics of the live organ concerts. The atmosphere of the Cathedral exudes peace and tranquility, which gives it the music from the speakers.

In the Cathedral are the magnificent outdoor cases .

A stunning stained-glass Windows of the temple, depicting various scenes connected with the history of the city and entire Czech Kingdom, napominanija those who contributed to the restoration of the Cathedral. Sunlight passing through stained glass, creating some kind of indescribable bright atmosphere.

Near one of the pillars of the Cathedral is the figure of the miner .

Temple walls are decorated with frescoes on various subjects: scenes from the mining operations, the stage of execution of the vow, stages and technology of minting coins and many others. Scenic murals adorn the huge arched Windows that are located around the perimeter of the Cathedral.

The architecture of the Cathedral of St. Barbara is a unique guide for the development of Gothic architecture in the country. In addition to numerous artistic works in the Baroque style, the Cathedral is the Shrine, Dating back to the year 1510 . well carved late Gothic choir benches. In the interior of the Cathedral is a unique gallery of paintings in the style of Renaissance and late Gothic.

The lessons of history of the Ancient world an unforgettable impression on students producing a story about how the pyramids were built. For life memorized pattern, where the vast desert…


The Gothic Cathedral of our lady of Tortosa
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