About the megalithic structures of the Ancient World
About the megalithic structures of the ancient world. What are megalithic structures or shorter than the megaliths of the ancient world? To get an accurate answer to this question, first…

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Ancient Pereslavl-Zalessky
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Located in sight, but don't notice for centuries, the megaliths at the sea of Galilee plunged experts in confusion. Ancient monument consisting of huge stone circles, Dating to the early…

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The megaliths of Europe and Asia

There are assumptions about the relationship of the builders of the megaliths of Europe with native chromosomal DNA of the R1b group. the campaniform culture cups and paleosurface. are reviewed and integrated by the author in his research. Perhaps the cause of the migrations of these populations served as periodic fluctuations in the moisture in the steppes of the Urals and southern Siberia, coinciding also with the Caspian sea level fluctuations.

Megalithic culture of Western and Central Europe

The megaliths of Atlantic Europe

Megalithic monuments of Brittany, Britain and Ireland.

Alley menhirs of Carnac (Brittany, France)

Dolmens — the most common type of megaliths, similar to the “houses of cards” out of stone. A lot of them not only in Adygea. Not so long ago they were built even on the Islands of the Pacific ocean. And in Brittany (province of France) – not less than 4500 units . Because the word Dole-man – comes from Celtic, meaning “stone table”.

Of particular interest to scholars are the megaliths of the French town of Carnac in Brittany. Perhaps, it is the largest megalith ensemble in the world. Scientists believe that at first he had up to 10,000 menhirs! Now sopranissimo 3000 vertically mounted stone blocks, reaching in some cases a height of several meters. Assume that initially the ensemble stretched for 8 km from Saint-Barbe to the river Crash, now it remained only for 3 kilometres. There are three groups of megaliths. To the North of Carnac is the cromlech in the form of a semicircle and 11 regiments, of which there are 1169 menhirs height from 60 cm to 4 meters. The length of the number is 1170 m.

The setting of the stone refers to one of the periods of the Neolithic, probably 3300 BCE however, some structures can date back to about 4500 BC

Megalithic structures of Scotland date from the middle Neolithic period, late bronze age, about 3500 to 1000 BC Their sizes are very different from each other, one can take the square of the small village, others 10 feet in circumference. They are built like Stonehenge, a huge limestone (or other) plates that were moved to the location of facilities.


It is believed that “start” the construction of Stonehenge was at the end of IV — beginning of III Millennium BC (the boundary of the Chalcolithic and bronze age ).

In the 70-ies of the 20th century near Darrington opened another complex, very similar to Stonehenge, but not stone, and wood. Unlike Stonehenge, it was focused not on the point of sunset at the time of the winter solstice, and the point of sunrise.

So, Stonehenge is not an isolated monument, but represents only a part of a huge complex of ritual objects. Total to date, the archaeologists have found in the vicinity of Stonehenge 17 unknown religious monuments. This structure, reminiscent of stone alleys, stairs, stones and sarcophagi.

And in 2015 with the help of radar under megalithic complex on the site of a settlement Darrington uolls, surrounded by a round shaft in the region of its straight sides, at a depth of about 90 cm detected nearly 90 of megaliths with a height of up to 4.5 [!] m, arranged in the form of a horseshoe. Main features of hidden underground complex — earthworks and 30 stone pillars, forming a circle of 40 m diameter.

The megaliths of the coast and Islands of the Western Mediterranean

Megalithic structures of Italy, southern France, Spain, Portugal, Sardinia, Corsica, the Balearic Islands, Malta.

In France discovered 4,500 dolmens.

In Malta discovered temples built three and a half thousand years BC.

The dolmens of Spain (Huelva province. ) and Portugal

In Spain (Trigueros) restored giant dolmen of Soto, with a diameter of 60 m and height 3.5 m (New Scientist), opened in 1922. It is believed that its age – 6200 years . It is the largest dolmen of more than 200 dolmens discovered in the province of Huelva. The dolmen is interesting for its long, gradually tapering corridor length of 21 m, which in the end leads to a small entrance to the burial chamber. The corridor was built so that during the sunrise the sun’s rays penetrate deep into him. Along the wall were found the remains of 8 people in the position of the embryo. Found near the stone objects, weapons, pottery and jewelry.

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