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The Gothic style in art: architecture and painting

The term “Gothic” in art originated in the distant Renaissance, replacing a Romanesque style, becoming the final step of art of the Middle ages. More about the Gothic style said, referring to the direction of architecture, but this style can be traced in painting, and in sculpture and in clothing.

The origin of the Gothic style began in Northern France, because there, in the middle of the 12th century, the first Gothic works. Example: Notre Dame.

Gothic architecture

The grandeur and captivating beauty of this style can be seen in architectural structures, town halls and cathedrals, preserved in many European cities.

The main constructive elements of the Gothic

Gothic style in architecture is characterized by the presence of mandatory elements that serve as his calling card. These include:

rib – arches of the Lancet;

the pillars, which are reliable pillars of Lancet arches;

the flying buttresses – semi arch open type;

the buttresses of vertically spaced protrusions;

winery – beautiful carved pediments;

pinnacles – towers with pointed spires covered with openwork carving.

If you compare Gothic cathedrals churches of the Romanesque period, striking differences immediately catch the eye.

Churches, despite their size, different from the squat and “heavy churches easily, they seem to be soaring. These feelings are created due to the special design of the arches, resting not on walls, and arches, resting on pillars.

The smooth surface of the walls is missing, painted on the walls replaced with stained glass Windows with divine subjects.

Interior and exterior decorations of the cathedrals were a great number of bas-reliefs and statues.

The inner space of the Cathedral, with its huge size, according to the creators was intended to arouse a sense of wonder, the greatness of God and the infinity of the world.

But, the art in the Gothic style is not limited by the architecture, the Gothic style penetrated in other directions.

Gothic painting

The main and perhaps the main form of painting in the Gothic style can be considered as the stained-glass Windows, often adorning cathedrals. Instead of frescoes comes to stained glass, where the image is made up of painted pieces of glass that were joined together by strips of lead and fittings from iron. Windows of Gothic cathedrals had a huge size, allowing them to play on religious, historical, and literary subjects. The beauty and color of stained glass has transformed the interior of the temple, filling it with light, creating an indescribable beauty and feeling the effect.

Sculptured Gothic

Gothic sculpture is one distinctive feature that cannot be overlooked. Any of the many statues located inside and outside, looks lively, so thin it referred to human emotions and traits. The figures and faces of the saints endowed with kindness and gentleness, worldly “gets along” with the sublime. Face, facing the congregation, hide thoughts and feelings, the same that is experiencing any man: anger, joy, compassion, excitement.

The master, preaching in the Gothic art style, look, and see the world around us. They look more personal, individual. Their plastic creations, life, have a great amount of detail.

Common Madonna is endowed with clean and soft femininity, and the apostles are noble and courageous.


We talk about the Gothic style in art is endless, so he is breathtakingly beautiful. People stand for hours in a majestic monumental buildings, feeling the earth grains of sand and trying to understand how it is possible to create something similar. You are lucky if you ever saw these masterpieces. Good luck

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