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Five most mysterious places of Sverdlovsk region

“The earth mistress of Copper mountain”, “blue fog”, “house traitor”, “the Dyatlov pass”… Ural ufologists for years exploring mysterious places of Sverdlovsk region. According to them, the Urals have enough anomalous phenomena. SmartNews stopped on five of the most mysterious and mystical of them.

Sverdlovsk region is a real storehouse of paranormal phenomena. Ufologists and researchers of supernatural forces comprise a minimum of 50 sites in the region, where at different times strange things happen. In this note the most interesting riddles that one can not yet to find a reliable, proven answer.

The Mountain Of The Dead . In 1959, on the slope of Dead under mysterious circumstances killed a group of 9 tourists. They all studied at the Ural Polytechnic University. Led a group of experienced tourist Igor Dyatlov. People’s bodies were found a week after the moment that the group was not out on bond.

Students died under mysterious circumstances. Some of them have broken every rib, but his body was no bruise. The experts came to the conclusion that something has caused people to jump out of the tent into the cold night without clothing, and terrified to flee to who knows where. Conclusion investigating this tragedy has shocked parents. It has been said that “the cause of death of tourists was a natural force to overcome that they were unable”.

Around the death of “danilovtsev” goes megastreaming and versions. The most popular is the landing of aliens, the avalanche and the killing of students by fugitive convicts. Note that in the following years on the slopes of this mountains not just killed people, and in 2003 even a crashed helicopter.

Expert opinion

Vladislav Proudly, the son of the former Chairman of the sports club UPI Lion Proudly

— I think, on the subject of death of “danilovtsev” today a lot of speculation. What are the views and versions have been advanced. My father was the Chairman of the sports club, which consisted of all went to the mountain of the Dead. He gave permission to go in the March to the North. The explanation is quite simple. The tourists went into the forbidden square. Perhaps in this place have carried out tests of weapons or missiles were stored. In those years, human life was worth nothing. So the band simply destroyed the military. In Ivdel was a special team that worked on this. If not due parents tourists in the regional party, no one would never know where died guys.

Of course, the popular rumor could not ignore the place, which was described storyteller Paul Bazhov. Land of mistress of Copper mountain. Very strange place with its own mysteries — “Azov-mountain” in the vicinity of the city Polevsky. In the local woods in the mountains very often lost people who, seemingly, has learned all the trail. Enthusiasts still looking for treasures in the surrounding area.

Several times on the Azov-mountain was seen strange lights that went out when approaching them. There are frequent blue fogs, during which visibility drops to zero. In one of his first short stories, “Dear imechko” famous writer Pavel Bazhov wrote about the beautiful people of the Chud, living at Azov-mountain. According to the legend, when people get closer to the mountain, the people of the Chud out hidden paths through the underground tunnels.

The surroundings of the ancient city of Verkhoturye. “Spiritual capital” of the Middle Urals one of the top most mysterious places of Sverdlovsk region. Over the past few people here supposedly saw a Bigfoot, and at night I heard him howl.

There are known cases of missing people around the town. In the eighties, according to a local legend, here was the air defense forces shot down a flying saucer. Ufologists still looking for a place to fall.

— In my opinion, more of the paranormal than in the Middle Urals, there is nowhere in Russia. Here a special energy. In the Urals a huge number of minerals. In the depths collected, in fact, the whole periodic table. Because of this, there are underground voids and formed the anomalous zone. Mountain ranges also attract all sorts of otherworldly forces. In addition, the Urals — the border of Europe and Asia, there are many magnetic anomalies.

Ural dolmens. Experts and scientists are puzzled over where in the Urals not far from Upper Pyshma appeared dolmens height of about two feet. Went for a long time the opinion that it tried to Ural carboneros about 200-300 years ago.

However, scientists claim that the stone buildings date back to the third Millennium BC. Only in the Urals was discovered about 150 dolmens. Unlike the black sea, near Gelendzhik, Ural dolmens are extremely strong. Naturally, the place is also considered “bad”. People have had hallucinations, and some partial memory loss.

Frankly, I’m surprised. It was always thought that the dolmens are located mainly in the South of Russia, and in particular in the Caucasus. But it turns out that they are also in the Urals. But here’s the thing, it is believed that dolmens were built about 12тысяч years ago. But this is about Caucasian dolmens. Who built the Ural dolmens?

The village of Gerasimovka Tavdinsky district, Lovin the fact that there was born the once famous pioneer Pavlik Morozov, who betrayed his father, it is believed among ufologists a “bad” place. We will remind, after Pavlik openly opposed his father, he was hammered stakes his grandfather and uncles.

In some houses, according to them, is found dark power. People complain that the brownies do not let them sleep. Described case, as in one of the buildings caught brownies in people objects. Gerasimovka is famous for the fact that it is home to many sorcerers, magicians and healers. Many of them, according to residents of the region, possess paranormal abilities. Even the citizens sometimes travel to Gerasimovka for a plot or a love spell.

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