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Ancient Pereslavl-Zalessky

In Pereslavl-Zalessky good to go on a warm summer day to enjoy the beauty of the vastness of the Russian landscape.

Wait for a clear Sunny morning and we took his car, drove out of Moscow on the Yaroslavl highway and drove in a straight line. To Pereslavl 140 kilometers, the track is very decent (true), tube just on the outskirts of Moscow. Two hours later – on the spot. Here it is – the birthplace of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky! And another ancient capital of Rus. And the national Park Plescheevo lake.

Pereslavl-Zalessky – one of the most ancient and famous Russian cities. City was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. It is said that in those days the name of the city sounded like the town, and only much later came the present name. The place is extremely good – on the Bank of lake Pleshcheyevo (and it is still rich in fish), where it flows into the navigable in those days the river Trubezh.

Archaeological data testify that before the Foundation of Pereslavl near the lake pleshcheeva settled people, was found near the remains of the ancient town, belonging to the pre-Christian era. Survived until our days a huge boulder, which was worshipped by the Gentiles. Rumor has it that this stone and is now an object of worship.

In 1212 Pereslavl was the center of an independent Principality. For many years they were ruled by Alexander Nevsky, pereslavli participated in the battle of the ice.

Alexander Nevsky is still loved by the townspeople. In Pereslavl him a monument (sculptor Orlov), there is in the Church in his name.

Historians say that the Pereslavl was among the Russian cities most strongly affected by the Tatar-Mongol invasion. The Mongols burnt it 6 times! Not surprisingly, after such destruction, the town fell into some decline.

Only under Peter the great, Pereslavl back Russian glory: young Peter often visited the city, he lived in it, creating in Pleshcheevo their first ships, learning seamanship. Incidentally, the first boat of Peter, bearing the proud name of “Fortuna”, has been preserved and can be seen located on the banks of lake Pleshcheyevo Museum.

Match the history of the city and its monuments.

On the red square in the center is the oldest Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, built in 1157. Like most churches of pre-Mongol Russia it is simple and elegant. In those days, Church architects avoided decoration.

Near the Cathedral is the Church of Metropolitan Peter. It involves giving interesting: in 1311 it was going Church Cathedral, for the trial of Metropolitan Peter. The Metropolitan was accused of selling Church positions. Miraculously, the Metropolitan was not only justified, but glorified!

North of the city is the Nikitsky monastery. It is being restored, but the view of the surroundings it offers a perfect.

But the Goritsky monastery (1354), now houses a Museum that is in excellent condition. However, the ancient buildings of the monastery have not survived, present form it acquired only in the 18th century. Nevertheless, the assumption Cathedral of the monastery is really beautiful and elegant.

Another ancient monastery of Pereslavl, Danilov. Its name from the convent obliged the monk Danilo, who founded it in the 16th century. They say that this monk was a favorite of Ivan the terrible. In the Trinity monastery Cathedral in our day services are held.

Pereslavl-Zalessky is a small town, and all of that, if you wish, you can explore in one day.

We managed to do it, but still splash in the lake Pleshcheyevo. We were lucky – the water was clean and warm. And then in the restaurant. Stopped at the “Navigator”. For a small town, pretty well. Maybe a little pricey, but quite tasty. Or so hungry on the way.

So, impressions from traveling to Pereslavl-Zalesskiy nothing was spoiled. But we went with elderly parents (they love to visit-view), and this day wasn’t a burden.

Certainly, there are plenty of interesting. And 4 monasteries are active. But if the car and for a day or just will not see, of course. But the memory will remain.

From Moscow there are direct bus Moscow – Yaroslavl – Kostroma and Moscow – Rybinsk – Yaroslavl – Tutayev.

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