Ancient Pereslavl-Zalessky
In Pereslavl-Zalessky good to go on a warm summer day to enjoy the beauty of the vastness of the Russian landscape. Wait for a clear Sunny morning and we took…

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The Gothic style of architecture
Gothic — (. -gotisch, Franz.- gothique, ital. — gotico) — architectural and artistic style of art in Western Europe, which reached its peak in XIII-XV centuries which replaced the Romanesque…

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Secrets Of The Great Pyramids
According to the great historian Herodotus, the Egyptian pyramids can rightly be regarded as the first wonder of the world. Herodotus in the V century studied the pyramids of Egypt,…

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The underwater city of an unknown civilization

From the layout we see that all underwater Jumbo blocks are arranged so that they resemble a rocky terrace of the city, perched on one of the rocks. It is also interesting to note that at the base of the slope located 30 metres under water, there are numerous scattered giant blocks that can be regarded as the result of a tremendous earthquake that befell this city. At the sight of this layout, it is impossible not to recall a passage from the Secret Doctrine: “… the Lemurians in their sixth subrace build their first Scalo-shaped town stone and lava, ” which suggests that these underwater ruins are owned by the Cyclops-the Lemurians. And if you remember that the continent of Lemuria (see the article ” Localization of the continent of Lemuria “) that spanned the entire Pacific ocean and included the area of land near today’s Okinawa island, this leaves no doubt that these gigantic ruins belong to the Lemurians.

Upon closer inspection of these underwater ruins were found direct evidence of their handmade origin. Thus, in particular found that some blocks have a giant mine hole round. Were also found, and other marks-oriented processing blocks. Interestingly, on the island of Yonaguni there are remnants of the same terraces gigantomastia-ruins, and under water near the island. The only difference is that the surface ruins are speckled with wrinkles-cavities, which arose under the influence of atmospheric environment (wind, rain, temperature changes), and underwater ruins are covered by a layer of shells. By the way, under water rocks are preserved better than by the water, because the seabed stable conditions.

Today, these underwater ruins are well explored by diving enthusiasts, which are published in the online your underwater photos (see list of sites below). On this page are only the most interesting pictures that illustrate the gigantic nature of this underwater city. Particularly fascinating gigantic terraces. There is no doubt that these ruins were created by the giants of the Lemurian period.

In addition, a bit North of Yonaguni island archipelago of Okinawa, near Kerama Islands (Kerama) under the water found a giant stone passages-maze (see pictures at the bottom of the article). Near the island of Kaguya (Aguni), located in the same place near the island of Okinawa, discovered traces of a huge hole round. And close to nearby Islands Catan (Chatan) discovered a huge rectangular vertical shaft and horizontal terraces. In short, we can say that in the area of today’s archipelago of Okinawa during the existence of the continent of Lemuria, there was a cyclopean center of the Lemurian civilization, which in prehistoric times went under water along with the entire continent of Lemuria.

Probably in the future can open new details of the underwater center of Lemurian civilization, unless of course there will be an appropriate underwater archaeological surveys by major scientific institutions, and not by diving.

The Mystery Of Yonaguni

One of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world presented in 1985 to the scientific community, a Japanese diver, Kihachiro Aratake, stumbled on it during an underwater expedition near the island of Yonaguni Ryukyu Islands

“Monument” has a pyramidal shape with a number of elements on its South side resembling giant steps the height of the pyramid is 24 meters, length – more 55 width of about 20.

Its peak stands just five meters from the sea surface Structure, reminiscent of the iconic tower of ancient Mesopotamia (ziggurat), built of blocks of Sandstone

Maybe the megalith is a natural formation, “modified” by unknown stonemasons, which, in particular, and cut down steps on its southern side However, so far no one can say that performers of this work only Established that plunged the building into the water for at least 8,000 years ago, It certainly belongs to the most ancient monumental structures on Earth erected much earlier than the Egyptian pyramids

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