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The most mysterious places of India

India is an ancient country with great culture. It is not surprising that there are many places associated with amazing stories. However, Europeans about the stories not heard. Here we will tell some of them to our readers.

“Haunted house” in Kolkata

National library of Kolkata is located in the main building of the old manor Belvedere. The first owner of the estate was Prince Dwarkanath Tagore. In 2010, during the renovation on the first floor of the building workers found the walled-in premises with an area of 304 square meters. What was there before, nobody knows. However, it is known that in the library for many years, living a mysterious entity. At night it hears the voices, hear footsteps. In the morning on the floor and tables are littered with books and archival materials. But the biggest story is about a student who left to work at night in the archives, collecting materials on the Victorian era, and disappeared without a trace.

National library of Kolkata. At night it hears voices

The house of Hastings in alīpur (a city in the state of West Bengal, whose capital is Calcutta) is a branch of the Belvedere estate and was once the residence of the Governor-General. In our days the building is the women’s College of University of Calcutta. At night in the front rooms you can hear the roar of the rushing train, and once into the building through the main entrance moved ghostly wheelchair, suprarenalectomy. It was the late Governor-General. The dead man went inside and began to look in one of audiences of any documents.

However, the most famous “house with ghosts” – the writers ‘ House in Kolkata, built by the British authorities. Until October of last year, it housed the Secretariat of the government of West Bengal. On 8 December 1930 in these walls the Indian rebels had killed a police General Simpson. Since then, the building it inhabits a Ghost. Staff writers trying Home after dark, not to stay here alone.

The fortress of spirits

The ladder Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi is called the staircase of suicide. It was built back in ancient times, some people argued that it was contemporary of the Indian epic Mahabharata. In the XIV century the building has undergone reconstruction. 103 steps lead down to black water. People say that this place applied the spell, and anyone who came down the stairs and closer to the water, overcome by the desire to commit suicide. And it is very important not to succumb to it…

The ladder Agrasen Ki Baoli in Delhi is called the staircase of suicide

From Delhi the fortress of Firuzabad, built by Firuz Shah Topcom, now there were only ruins, which, according to legend, inhabited by evil genies. They will also actively attract the suicide, and the ghosts of those who brought there own life continue to wander through the ruins. In the fortress there are wells that, according to legend, every night the fairies come down. According to legend, a mere mortal who saw them will lose their vision. Perhaps that is why the surrounding houses are built so that the entrance and the Windows are not looked at Firuzabad. Certainly, who want to be blind!

To the West of Hyderabad (city in southern India) is the fortress of Golconda, once served as the residence of the family of rajas Kakatiya. The local ruler, Shah Abdullah, was married to a courtesan by the name of Taramati. Both after his death was buried in the Royal cemetery close to the fortress. They say that the spirit of Taramati organising a dance in the Central hall of the former residence. In the building there are phenomena of the poltergeist – moving shadows, heard unexplained sounds, falling objects, roll over the paintings on the walls.

The Shaniwar WADA is located in the West of India, in the heart of Pune (150 km from Mumbai). He served as both a Palace and fortress building. In 1818 most of the building burned down in a fire. Now after sunset, especially during the full moon, the locals try to get around this place party, fearing to hear heart-rending cries. It screams the spirit of 13-year-old Prince, who became a victim of political intrigue and brutally murdered their relatives…

Bandar Fort in Rajasthan built in the second half of the XVI century the mighty Maharajas, also enjoys a sinister reputation. As legend has it, the building was originally built so that the shadow cast during the day when sunlight could not reach the house of guru Balu Nath. However, after the death of the Maharajah, his son completed the building up, and then the roof began to fall. No help, no restoration work, the roof is still collapsed inside the building. They say the reason for this is the curse. Whose? Maybe the guru? No one knows that.

There is also a legend that the history of the fortress is associated with the magician Singhia and rejected his love Princess Ratnavali, which destroyed the sorcerer using his own sorcery. Dying, the magician cursed the Princess, and along with the place itself. Now the one who is in the fortress at night, can permanently disappear. However, it may not disappear. That someone as lucky.

Locals believe that there are many spirits and sooner or later there will be the reincarnation of the Princess Ratnavali that can break the curse of the sorcerer.

“Bad” hotels

In rajasthans the Brijraj Bhavan Palace like usual the Ghost of major Charles Burton, one of the members of the British government. The mayor, along with his sons was shot and killed during the sepoy mutiny in 1857. Now it houses the hotel. The guards say that sometimes when they happen to smoke or to sleep on a post, somebody’s invisible hand has them by the shoulder. Gets and guests: from time to time they feel someone Intrusive presence.

Another “bad” hotel is the Savoy in Mussoorie, located at the foot of the Himalayas. This building in Gothic style was built in 1902 as the summer residence of the British Viceroy. In 1911 there stopped two British, engaged in spiritism, – Frances Garnett-Orme and Eva Mounsteven. One morning Francis was found dead, and eve was arrested on suspicion of poisoning a friend. However, the court acquitted the woman. The Ghost of miss Garnett-Orme in search of his killers and to this day roams the hotel.

The cursed village

In Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan, lies the abandoned village called Kuldhara. There for two centuries no one lives. Tell that to the 1500 villagers in one day, no one knew where.

The legend says that Kuldhara for five centuries was inhabited by the brahmin, and Salim Singh, the ruler of Jaisalmer is attracted to the daughter of the head of the community Kuldhara. He demanded that she became his wife and gave only a day for reflection. In the event of a failure of Salim Singh threatened to kill all the villagers of the girl.

Bandar Fort in Rajasthan is an ominous glory

Then her father addressed the villagers asking to leave their homes. In a hurry people have gone away from the village, while sending curses Salim Singh. Since then, anyone who dares to stay here for the night, waiting for death. Those who visited Kuldhara, told me that night in the village of ghosts of people who have left their homes…

Last year 30 members of the paranormal society of Delhi has decided to come to grips with this sinister place. Subsequently, the researchers told about what he had seen moving shadows, heard someone’s voice, a few people even felt the touch of invisible hands. In addition, at certain locations were recorded unexplained temperature spikes. Interestingly, on the walls of some houses original drawings, and paint for 200 years has not dimmed.

The alien ship

Recently in the caves under the villages of Chandeli and Hottola located in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh, 130 kilometers from the city of Raipur, were found rock carvings, the age of about 10,000 years. They depict creatures like humanoids. Some are dressed in suits and holding objects resembling weapons. Near object three legs, resembling a flying saucer.

Among the local population is a widespread legend that in ancient times in these places several times from heaven descended people of small stature, nicknamed “rochela”. Going way back, “rahela” ‘ve always taken one or two people, and those never returned. Ufologists and proponents of the theory paleocontacts believe that we are talking about aliens…

In the near future the Department of archaeology and culture of Chhattisgarh intends to contact NASA to consult on the mysterious images. Source: “Mystery of the twentieth century”

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