Tourism in the Urals
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Mystical ancient sanctuary -the cult complexes in places of power in Ukraine
Forgotten gods, Stone idols. giant altars. wooden statues and fancy buildings. Once people believed them. lived by them. And then forgot about it. left. The Sands of time covered the…

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Mystical ancient sanctuary -the cult complexes in places of power in Ukraine

Forgotten gods, Stone idols. giant altars. wooden statues and fancy buildings. Once people believed them. lived by them. And then forgot about it. left. The Sands of time covered the truth. religion. and the people themselves … Only their footprints left forever on the stone of the earth tel returned to us. here and there peeking out from the depths of ancient history .

Ancient shrines — especially interesting subject that can tell us a fascinating and sometimes incredible things about our history. Most of all knows the secrets of the stones, which stores information for the longest time. Many religious complexes were built in the mountains. Because the mountain has always been considered by our ancestors Holy places where gods live.

On the trail of the sanctuaries scientists gradually recreates the pattern of ancient Ukrainian civilizations, cultures and religions. And a lot of places in these pictures remains forever shrouded in mystery antiquity. Us never not solved.

And yet here was buried 12-year-old boy. His “grave” was marked by a ridge of stones, laid out in the shape of a snake. Who was this mysterious boy buried in a sacred place — archeologists can’t answer. It is clear for them that the sanctuary was the place where were buried only people from the clan of priests.

2. Devic-mountain

The first century of our era

Located near the village of Trypillia in the Kyiv region.

A pyramid-shaped mountain was sanctuary of a female patron of the goddess Dana.

According to the legend, women who give birth, come here and ask the gods for blessings. On the mysterious hills Devic-the mountains were no longer allowed to be men, as well as any outsider. So was death. The mystery of fertilization sacredly guarded.

On site, archaeologists found 9 cavities in which were 9 flower pots with 9 kinds of herbs. The number probably symbolizes nine months of pregnancy (but this is only guesswork modern researchers). That is, the altar consisted of just nine pieces and had it form the oven.

What kind of magical rituals were carried out there women unsolved mystery.

And you know that here in the eternal road sent their dead, our ancestors.

And, as scientists say, the location Devic is a mountain endowed with positive energy. And now this former Shrine is considered one of the strongest “parts of the female power.”

3. Sanctuary Ovda

Between X and XII centuries.

There is a small sanctuary, has a triangular shape, on a steep cliff above the Zbruch river in the woods.

The cult of some God or goddess was in charge of the sanctuary Ovda — unknown. And sanctuary is one of the most mysterious. Say. here were the magicians — the Magi. and later had their own teachings Cossacks — characterniki .

An interesting finding in the territory Ovdi there is an old well.

At the well, which had a religious significance, were found numerous remains of animals. Archaeologists learned that in the 12th century Cernica was filled. Later on her in the oval recess kindled a fire, and in the mound of the shaft made bread oven.

And actually according to ancient beliefs this dry well has always been swordswoman in the world Navi. The sanctuary itself Ovda symbolized the Unknown world (Navi).

4. Zvenigorodsky temple an idol with four temples

Probably X — XIV century

Zvenigorod is located the sanctuary on South from Krutikov village (Ternopol region), on the right Bank of the river Zbruch.

From other similar sacred places it is different and particularly challenging build. It is known that the sanctuary Zvenigorodskogo the real world. Four temples — the four phases of the sun in a year.

Here were found many houses of priests, sacrificial chamber, sacrificial wells. Very valuable was the temple with a stone Idol. The idol itself was the height of almost 2 meters and was lying across the temple, in front of which were numerous items used in the sacrifices: the scattered grain, scissors, sickles…

On the territory of the old Church flowing springs located near the site, known for the natives as this, which always beat lightning. Ancient people considered this place sacred: ash trees marked “heavenly arrow” treated the body, and broken its stones were consecrated. On the territory of Zvenigorod is situated and legends the Cave of a hermit.

5. Carpathian settlement of sun-worshipers.

About V — i thousand to n of E.

Found sanctuary Bald head Kosmatsky was in the mountains not far from the Carpathian village of Kosmach.

And the most interesting is the astronomical character of the sanctuary. It is similar to the famous Stonehenge. That is, if Stonhenge main lines (azimuths) lined with rocks, and in Kosmach on the continuation lines of the tunnel and sacrificial pits are natural formations — mountains. On his Bald head Kosmatsky well-preserved artifacts and zodiac solar types of calendars.

Near the sacred mountain found another one Tennessee sanctuary, associated with previous. It is known that here worshipped the cult of the mothers. Among the most interesting local finds — the statue of the woman, a hard disk, a phallic stone.

The entire stone complex is considered a type of calendar sanctuaries. They are the evidence. that the ancient inhabitants of the Ukrainian lands had mastered the knowledge about the starry sky. planet. the patterns of changes in the phases of the moon. year solar cycle .

6. Bogutskii dolmens portals

IX — XIII centuries

Ancient pagan sanctuary bogitu is a mountain of the same name in the district of Husiatyn (Ternopil region ).

Special here was the temple that was raised above the ground to 40 inches, and in the centre of the little square hole. The surprise of the archaeologists, there was no limit, when in one of the altars has found a ring of the Galich Prince Yuri I. Ancient and even more interesting finding is the so-zweisprachige Idol. It was a picture of the many faces of one God Kind of Regenica. He symbolizes both the female and male entities, while in the three worlds and drawing four of their bast to all four sides of the world.

The most puzzling elements of the sanctuary there are dolmens. This is a very ancient stone structures. They say that they were a sort of portals of transition from one life to another. According to another version, were ancient observatories. Nobody really knows. And the fact that dolmens are endowed with unexplainable strong energy, no one denies .

7. Stone Grave — a monument of ancient culture of world importance

An ancient sanctuary was discovered in the territory now the state historical and archaeological reserve Stone Grave” is located near Melitopol.

It is “a kind of temple with an extremely complex structure that conformed to the ideas of the ancient people about the mystery of the birth of gods, heroes…” (by definition A. Kifisia). Incredibly, the depth of the three largest sanctuaries of the complex is correlated in proportion 1:2:3. Is also directly proportional to the ratio of the size of the sanctuaries.

The image of the goddess of Inanna the totem seemed to permeate the whole complex Stone Graves.

The content label inside these sanctuaries could be associated with the cult of the moon.

In one of them, according to the researchers, was carried out the ritual of rebirth of the dead God-kings.

On the Stone Tomb figures can be traced to the primitive religion, totemism, magic, animism, fetishism, ancestor worship… the Complex served as a temple, which United the three worlds (heaven, earth and underground) for many millennia for various tribes and peoples.

Very strong energy of the earth. If you fix it by aerial photography, the resulting image in the form of rings. Many believe that the archaeological site is no less significant in any of the “7 wonders of the world”.

8. Four sanctuaries of the island Khortytsya

III — II thousand to G. H.

These are four of the sanctuary of the Aryan epoch. The largest of them is the complex of the sanctuary-Observatory. Has the shape of several rings, or two that are crossed (the other part). On the sides there are special pits in which to conduct rituals were special vessel-incense burners.

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