Megalithic structures
Dolmen monuments. The mysterious megaliths of Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East. No written sources, only a strange laconic signs on some buildings. While we can…

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Megalithic structures

Dolmen monuments. The mysterious megaliths of Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East. No written sources, only a strange laconic signs on some buildings.

While we can only speculate who, when and why built the dolmens. Jewelry fit multi-ton slabs, exact proportions, simple and austere beauty of the idea. It seems that the builders knew that can pass right through the Millennium and what is superfluous, will not survive the era, but because there is dust.

Reading the materials on this site always remember that the virus of unbelief and understanding of one root. Numerous conflicting opinions can help gain at least a passing phrase or a random hint. Who knows what will be true tomorrow?

Megalithic structures in Russia are found mostly in the Northern Caucasus (the different types of dolmens, menhirs, remains of pyramids and artifacts). Dolerophanite facilities in the Altai, in the mountains and foothills of the Sayan mountains, and in the North of European Russia features a stone maze with dolomanovskiy facilities at the centre for European type. Not so long ago discovered the rows of menhirs in the southern Urals. Although some stone structures are found, although rarely, practically wherever there is a stone (or rather, almost none). The concept of megalithic has been associated with the oldest buildings of large stones. These include, in addition to the dolmens, egipetskaya, the temple of Osiris there, the statues of Easter island, the pyramids and other buildings of obscure purpose of America, the Foundation of Baalbek, temples of Malta, the European cromlechs (stone rings), semi-underground buildings like new Grange, a building – the Observatory(?) Stonehenge and much, much more. Russia is no exception in this series, the holders of the megaliths and, it seems, the main findings here found.

Philosophically the notion of megalith gradually begins to develop just enough structure made of large stones. It is known, for example, that Stonehenge was originally made of wood! From this point of view can be considered the megaliths as a sign of Age. That distant era, which left more than anything, when people lived, thought and built very differently than we do. And sometimes even worse. This Era has left traces all over the world. Who are We, where are We from? I don’t know.

There is also a strange legend. There are fragments of the Caucasian Nart sagas, have their modern retellings and binding to date. There’s even a popular version of “Anastasia”, which on closer examination has its origins in the originally Greek village Pshada in the foothills of Northwest Caucasus. Even more difficult to find something among the legends of the North – the trail of Sami tales practically melts in his eyes.

There are other sources. According to magician and anthropologist Carlos Castaneda, and many representatives of the ancient Toltec civilization of the American left in the stone structures to prolong their lives in a different state. They were called by the ancient seers. Some facilities are designed for gaining new abilities during certain practices.

Our site without being a mere reflection of modern archaeological work, is not science and parascience. He Megalithic . Here you will find everything in one place and can try to form your own opinion. Almost all of the photos and some works are the result of the activities of the Creator of the site. But there are the invited authors, different ideas and opposing opinions. Other authors together anywhere except in the Internet is not worth it. so see for yourself. And, of course, I will try to estimate the most interesting routes, including megalithic structures, both virtual and real.

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