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The five most mysterious places on the planet!

Our earth is full of unique places.These places have been carefully studied by scientists, historians and archaeologists, but some of them are so ancient, incomplete or incomprehensible that it’s still not clear why they were built and what purpose they served.To your attention we would like to present five of the most mysterious places.

Underwater pyramid of Yonaguni

From all the famous monuments in Japan, perhaps none is more perplexing than Yonaguni, an underwater formation that is near the coast of the Islands Ryuku. The site was discovered in 1987 by a group of divers watching the sharks. The discovery immediately caused a huge amount of debate in the Japanese scientific community. The monument is composed of a set of carved rock formations including massive platforms and huge stone pillars that lie at depths from 5 to 40 meters. The most popular formation is called “turtle” because of its unique shape. Streams in this area are quite dangerous, but that did not stop the Yonaguni monument become one of the most popular places for diving in the whole of Japan.

Continuing around Yonaguni debate is based on one key question: is the monument a natural phenomenon, or created artificially? Scientists have long argued that millennia of strong currents and erosion have carved the formation of the ocean floor, and they point to the fact that the monument is a single piece of solid rock. Others point to the many straight edges, square corners and multiple groups of different shape, proving that the monument has an artificial origin. If the supporters of artificial origin are right, then a more interesting mystery: who built the statue of Yonaguni, and for what purpose?

The great Sphinx at Giza

Incredibly, the statue of the Sphinx carved from a single monolithic part of the rock is 240 feet long, 20 feet wide and 66 feet high. It is the largest monument of its kind in the world. Historians largely agree that the function of the Sphinx was symbolic, as the statues were strategically placed around important structures such as temples, tombs, and pyramids. The great Sphinx at Giza stands next to the pyramid of Pharaoh Harry, and most archaeologists believed that his face is depicted in this statue

Mystery Of The Great Sphinx

Despite a reputation as one of the most famous monuments of antiquity, still a lot of mysteries surrounding the Sphinx of Giza. The Egyptologists have opinions on the reasons for the construction of the statue, but the absolute remains a mystery when, how, and by whom it was created. If it was the Pharaoh khafra, the sculpture dates back to the year 2500 BC, but other scientists argue that evidence of water erosion of the statue suggests a much greater age of the Sphinx. If this theory is correct, then the builders were not the ancient Egyptians. Read more about Sphinx can be found in the topic “7 wonders of the ancient world”

WHITBY, Whitby

Possible Ahn Sal place, the English Abbey is known for its large number of witnesses observed the ghosts. Here is the castle, sadly famous because of its dark walls inspired the writer Bram STOKER to write the book Lord Dracula. The appearance of the castle Ghost celebrated to this day, than, for example, I’m sure the Manager of the Abbey Leslie STAINTHORP that one morning, personally seen in the lumen of the Windows in the castle silhouette translucent ghosts. Local residents in one voice say that in addition to the ghosts of the castle was also chosen by the local cemetery and monastery, the wall which once bricked broken the vow of the nun who had the temerity to fall in love with a visiting knight.


Mysterious rock formations perfectly round, discovered in the late 1940s, in the jungles of the Central American Republic of Costa Rica. Balls come in many sizes, from ten centimeters to three meters or more in diameter. When aerial photography revealed that they are scattered on the surface of the earth is not accidental, but formed by geometric figures. Their purpose remains a mystery. Experts baffled and the origin of the ball itself. It was even suggested that they were created by aliens because ancient people could not, to grind the stone to such a perfect shape. However, geologists claim that in the pits and creases in the stone bed of mountain rivers, too, there are round boulders. Rapid flow causes them to rotate, eventually forming a round formation. Could these orbs to appear and after the passage of glaciers during the Great ice. The fact that the round of puzzles, as it turns out, are found almost everywhere. In Kazakhstan in the development sandy quarry found several large specimens of the boulders a sufficient depth. Several dozen of these stones are Always in the ravine is 5 km West of Zhirnovsk of Volgograd region.

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