Great building

The best sights of Vienna
Vienna – the Austrian capital, called the heart of Europe. This city attracts from the first sight of the grandeur of its squares, a truly luxurious palaces, an insane number…

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Golden Prague – heart of Europe
On both sides of the river Vltava is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Zlata Praha is practically not affected during the war, so the colorful buildings…

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Great building
About Sagrada Name or the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is written very much. This “must see” is visited annually by millions of people from all over the world. The oldest…

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The underwater city of an unknown civilization

From the layout we see that all underwater Jumbo blocks are arranged so that they resemble a rocky terrace of the city, perched on one of the rocks. It is also interesting to note that at the base of the slope located 30 metres under water, there are numerous scattered giant blocks that can be regarded as the result of a tremendous earthquake that befell this city. At the sight of this layout, it is impossible not to recall a passage from the Secret Doctrine: “… the Lemurians in their sixth subrace build their first Scalo-shaped town stone and lava, ” which suggests that these underwater ruins are owned by the Cyclops-the Lemurians. And if you remember that the continent of Lemuria (see the article ” Localization of the continent of Lemuria “) that spanned the entire Pacific ocean and included the area of land near today’s Okinawa island, this leaves no doubt that these gigantic ruins belong to the Lemurians.

Upon closer inspection of these underwater ruins were found direct evidence of their handmade origin. Thus, in particular found that some blocks have a giant mine hole round. Continue reading

Amazing Prague

Legendary Prague has always been full of riddles and unsolved mysteries. This is a very ancient and very beautiful city. Anyone who has ever visited its narrow streets, proudly says: “I love Prague”.

Every city has its own tourist feature, for which it is favorite for travelers. Near Prague is a stunning beauty of the temples, chapels, towers, old Gothic building, standing with its spires into the sky, wide squares full of people, quiet cozy streets, paved with stone, and the fabulous bridges connecting parts of the city, like a magical belt. The old town hall, Charles bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, the famous astronomical clock, powder tower, Wenceslas square. Worth a few days all the most interesting places and to reveal the secret charm of this glorious city.

The time goes by so quickly, and nothing has changed here. I recently restored the Imperial hotel 3*. the building which was built in 1914. It is a restaurant that should be visited at least briefly in order to see unique panels of mosaics collected from all over the world. This is a luxurious all-Suite hotel, which takes into account all possible wishes of the guests. Located close to the Old town square that gives the opportunity to explore the many beautiful places of Prague in a short time. Continue reading

The most mysterious places of India

India is an ancient country with great culture. It is not surprising that there are many places associated with amazing stories. However, Europeans about the stories not heard. Here we will tell some of them to our readers.

“Haunted house” in Kolkata

National library of Kolkata is located in the main building of the old manor Belvedere. The first owner of the estate was Prince Dwarkanath Tagore. In 2010, during the renovation on the first floor of the building workers found the walled-in premises with an area of 304 square meters. What was there before, nobody knows. However, it is known that in the library for many years, living a mysterious entity. At night it hears the voices, hear footsteps. In the morning on the floor and tables are littered with books and archival materials. But the biggest story is about a student who left to work at night in the archives, collecting materials on the Victorian era, and disappeared without a trace. Continue reading

Mystical ancient sanctuary -the cult complexes in places of power in Ukraine

Forgotten gods, Stone idols. giant altars. wooden statues and fancy buildings. Once people believed them. lived by them. And then forgot about it. left. The Sands of time covered the truth. religion. and the people themselves … Only their footprints left forever on the stone of the earth tel returned to us. here and there peeking out from the depths of ancient history .

Ancient shrines — especially interesting subject that can tell us a fascinating and sometimes incredible things about our history. Most of all knows the secrets of the stones, which stores information for the longest time. Many religious complexes were built in the mountains. Because the mountain has always been considered by our ancestors Holy places where gods live.

On the trail of the sanctuaries scientists gradually recreates the pattern of ancient Ukrainian civilizations, cultures and religions. And a lot of places in these pictures remains forever shrouded in mystery antiquity. Us never not solved. Continue reading

Megalithic structures

Dolmen monuments. The mysterious megaliths of Britain, Ireland, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Far East. No written sources, only a strange laconic signs on some buildings.

While we can only speculate who, when and why built the dolmens. Jewelry fit multi-ton slabs, exact proportions, simple and austere beauty of the idea. It seems that the builders knew that can pass right through the Millennium and what is superfluous, will not survive the era, but because there is dust.

Reading the materials on this site always remember that the virus of unbelief and understanding of one root. Numerous conflicting opinions can help gain at least a passing phrase or a random hint. Who knows what will be true tomorrow? Continue reading

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Underground and underwater civilizations
Legends about the underworld and changing perceptions of it over time In the legends of different Nations are widely circulated story about the going underground lived on it of intelligent…


Amiens Cathedral at sunset of civilization
The Cathedral, whose construction began in the XIII century, rises above the city like a giant still a great testimony of Christian civilization and of tremendously hard work invested by…