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Underground and underwater civilizations
Legends about the underworld and changing perceptions of it over time In the legends of different Nations are widely circulated story about the going underground lived on it of intelligent…

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There is no doubt that the Egyptian pyramids is the most famous. But they are not the most ancient structures of pyramidal form. In the U.S. state of Wisconsin there…

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Yonaguni – the shard of Lemuria?
Many people think that all the most important archaeological finds in our world was done long ago. However, sensation in the field of archaeology still happen. One such sensation was…

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The Church Of Our Lady Of The Snows

In 1284, the vault collapsed Cathedral in the French Bove, ascended to a height of 48 m Above dreams Gothic not rushed. The fact that the builders of the Cathedral churches, stonecutting workshops 13th-14th centuries stop their work.

September 3, 1347 year, the day after his coronation, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and Czech king Charles IV founded the Carmelite monastery and Cathedral. The temple, consecrated in honor of the virgin Mary, Charles must balance the Imperial residence. It was built on the other Bank of the Vltava river, opposite the construction of St. Vitus. He was supposed to be different scales of God’s justice.

Medieval scholars and mystics devoted to distinguish between time and eternity. Eternity, without beginning and end, belongs to God. It scattered the history of the people, subject to time. Much like the Egyptian pharaohs, the middle ages was covered by a passion to enchant. Continue reading

Five most mysterious places of Sverdlovsk region

“The earth mistress of Copper mountain”, “blue fog”, “house traitor”, “the Dyatlov pass”… Ural ufologists for years exploring mysterious places of Sverdlovsk region. According to them, the Urals have enough anomalous phenomena. SmartNews stopped on five of the most mysterious and mystical of them.

Sverdlovsk region is a real storehouse of paranormal phenomena. Ufologists and researchers of supernatural forces comprise a minimum of 50 sites in the region, where at different times strange things happen. In this note the most interesting riddles that one can not yet to find a reliable, proven answer.

The Mountain Of The Dead . In 1959, on the slope of Dead under mysterious circumstances killed a group of 9 tourists. They all studied at the Ural Polytechnic University. Led a group of experienced tourist Igor Dyatlov. People’s bodies were found a week after the moment that the group was not out on bond. Continue reading

Ancient Pereslavl-Zalessky

In Pereslavl-Zalessky good to go on a warm summer day to enjoy the beauty of the vastness of the Russian landscape.

Wait for a clear Sunny morning and we took his car, drove out of Moscow on the Yaroslavl highway and drove in a straight line. To Pereslavl 140 kilometers, the track is very decent (true), tube just on the outskirts of Moscow. Two hours later – on the spot. Here it is – the birthplace of St. Prince Alexander Nevsky! And another ancient capital of Rus. And the national Park Plescheevo lake.

Pereslavl-Zalessky – one of the most ancient and famous Russian cities. City was founded in 1152 by Prince Yuri Dolgoruky. It is said that in those days the name of the city sounded like the town, and only much later came the present name. The place is extremely good – on the Bank of lake Pleshcheyevo (and it is still rich in fish), where it flows into the navigable in those days the river Trubezh. Continue reading

Calvary. Cairns or dolmens?

According to the reports, published on the Internet, I knew that the Body are concentrated the most interesting objects of creation, the ancient inhabitants of the Kem skerries. On other Islands, judging by the testimonies of travellers, “there are some Cairns and other stone objects” . so I did not expect to find something more impressive.

Though I was confused some what is information almost all sites coincided sometimes with the precision of words like “authors” have copied material from a single source. (This article can be found on many sites)

The first Parking lot on the North Kolovare we made on the Eastern shore of the island in a deep Bay on the traverse small bare Islands Of this Bay has a beautiful view on the Body.

The surprises started as soon as sakalelis.

The Eastern shore of the Northern Access.

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The best sights of Vienna

Vienna – the Austrian capital, called the heart of Europe. This city attracts from the first sight of the grandeur of its squares, a truly luxurious palaces, an insane number of squares, parks, scenic, joyful, lively streets. It is impossible to clearly define, Vienna is an ancient city or modern, as it contains the notes of modernism and innovation that is infused with a hint of antiquity of former ages. From the first second of being here one is struck by the splendor, warm atmosphere, greatness, and is simply impossible to remain indifferent to this city.

The Hofburg Palace

This is really gorgeous Imperial Palace, which is located in the heart of Vienna. The Hofburg was the residence of the monarchy of the Habsburgs for over 600 years. Nowadays this building is the residence of the President of Austria. Continue reading

Tower Kaknas
Tower Kaknas is the largest center of Swedish television. Hence it is broadcasting and broadcasting via satellite. Launched the tower in 1967, after 4 years of construction. The tower, designed…


Golden Prague – heart of Europe
On both sides of the river Vltava is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Zlata Praha is practically not affected during the war, so the colorful buildings…